Super Bowl 55 Kicking Prop Bets: Butker/Succop Kicker Field Goals


With all eyes focused on the impending shootout between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs versus Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs, it’s easy to overlook the kickers in the upcoming Super Bowl. You can place a prop bet on how many total amount of combined field goals at Super Bowl 55 by kickers Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop.

Harrison Butker Ryan Succop Super Bowl Kickers kicking prop bets Super Bowl 55 Field Goal FG goals FGs
Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, seen here attempting a field goal in 2018, did not miss a kick in Super Bowl 54. (Image: Peter G. Aiken/Getty)

There’s a couple of kicking prop bets buried in the lengthy list of other Super Bowl 55 props. But, you can find the total field goals prop bet at the South Point Casino and Sports Book in Las Vegas.

Zero +1200
1 FG +600
2 FGs +260
3 FGs +250
4 FGs +300
5 FGs +500
6 FGs +1200
7 FGs +2500
8 or More FGs +3000

In case you were thinking about taking an outrageous and wild flier on a kicker to win the Super Bowl MVP, both Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop are +12500 odds.

You can wager on the specific position of MVP, but even bookies think a kicker winning would be a ridiculous long shot at best. The kicker is lumped in with punters and long snappers at +5000 odds over at DraftKings.

Kickers Loathe Raymond James

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Kansas City did not fly down to the Super Bowl a week before the game to practice on the field.

“We actually have it good here in KC, because the days we do kick outside, it will be cold and windy,” said Butker. “Going to Tampa, there might be some rain, but it will at least be warmer and I think it should be an easier environment than KC.”

Succop gets the kicking edge due to familiarity. He gets the rare opportunity to play the Super Bowl on his own turf. Raymond James is his home stadium, so Succop knows where/how the winds swirl and he knows his favorite goalpost. But even for Succop, Raymond James Stadium is not a kicker-friendly venue.

Tampa hosted four Super Bowls at Raymond James. In those games, kickers went 9-for-12 on field goal attempts.

During the regular season, all kickers connected on 77.8% of all kicks inside Raymond James Stadium. Opposing kickers went just 10-for-15 on field goals in Tampa this season.

Meet the Kicker: Butker and Succop

Butker and Succop sounds like the name of a cop TV show from the 1970sm but those are the guys that could make or break the outcome of the game. Kansas City actually drafted Succop with the last pick in the 2009 NFL Draft aka Mr. Irrelevant. He now gets to kick against his former team in the Super Bowl.

During the regular season, Succop connected on 52-for-57 on extra points, or a 91.2% success rate. Overall, he went 28-for-31 on field goal, but only attempted two 50-plus field goals and missed one. From 40-plus yards, Succop connected on 7-for-9.

In three postseason games, Succop went 8-for-8 on field goals and missed only one extra point in nine attempts.

Ryan Succop 28/31 52/57
Harrison Butker 25/27 48/54

During the regular season, Butker went 25-for-27 in field goals for a 92.6% clip. He nailed a perfect 4-for-4 from 50 yards or more, yet struggled with 3-for-5 between 40-49 yards. Considering that Kansas City scores a lot of touchdowns and Butker had a lot of practice, he’s the third-worst in the NFL at kicking extra points with a 88.9% success rate. He missed four kicks on the road this season, where his success rate dips to 86%.

In two postseason games, Butker went 4-for-5 on field goals and 6-for-7 on extra points.

In Super Bowl 54, Butker had a perfect day with one field goal and four extra points. Last postseason, he went 2-for-2 on FGs and 15-for-16 in XPs.

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