South African cricketer suffers from corona virus

One player’s corona test came positive while the other two players have been sent to quarantine for living with him

South Africa’s preparations for the limited overs home series against England suffered a setback when three players were sent to quarantine after a player’s corona test came back positive.  ۔  A total of 50 players and support staff were tested before entering the BioSecure bubble to play a series of three ODIs and three T20s.

 (to be continued)

The South African Cricket Board (SACB) said in a statement that one of the players tested positive for the corona, while the other two players were sent to quarantine for being with him, while the other players were being monitored by the South African Cricket Board’s medical team.  In order to ensure their health and fitness, the identities of the three players have not been revealed.

The South African Cricket Board has not yet announced a replacement for the player who fell victim to Corona, but two new players will join the group for intrasquad practice matches on Saturday.  

The closed-door series kicks off with the first T20 match in Cape Town on November 27.

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