Preorder Guarantees Access to Base Set Packs


For NBA Top Shot collectors, frustration can come in many forms. There are the technical issues as the site buckles under the weight of so many new users, missing out on a buy in the marketplace, or watching as prices of moments shift dramatically up or down. But most people have two major frustrations at the moment: when can I get a pack, and when can I withdraw my money?

NBA Top Shot preorders
NBA Top Shot is offering the opportunity for anyone to purchase a Base Set Series 2 pack, with preorders remaining open for two full days this week. (Image: NBA Top Shot)

NBA Top Shot has worked to alleviate that first issue through preorders, and began its larger effort yet to get everyone a pack on Monday.

Base Sets Expand Reach of NBA Top Shot

Starting at 11 am Pacific time on Monday, any collector could join the waiting room to place an order for a Base Set Series 2 pack. This preorder system has been implemented once before, but the current drop could be especially massive, as users have a full 48 hours to reserve their $9 pack.

Each pack comes with three moments from the 169-moment set. There moments come in various edition sizes, with most of the latest additions currently being listed with a 35,000+ minting run, meaning that the final tally has yet to be determined.

Base sets will never become the most sought-after NBA Top Shot product: they aren’t the ultra-limited edition moments that users queue up for in the faint hope of snagging a single pack. But for both collectors and investors, base sets offer an easy, affordable entry point into understanding what Top Shot is.

And that’s not to say that these base set moments can’t increase in value. A LaMelo Ball assist from the set – limited to just 4,000 – comes with an asking price of at least $2,100 as of Monday afternoon. Even a less rare LeBron James 3-pointer – with 15,000 minted – is fetching over $600.

Dapper Users Ask: Where’s My Money?

If you look on social media for NBA Top Shot complaints, the most common one is simple: why can’t I cash out of Dapper? It’s the kind of question about the system backing the site that leads some to believe this is all a scam, or at the very least, that the developers are in over their heads.

To be fair, there are early adopters who have reported finally getting withdrawal access in recent days and weeks as well. But the wait is long. As of March 26, Dapper reports that 28,041 people have access to withdrawals. I opened my account in January, and have yet to be able to cash out, which suggests that their estimated wait time of six to eight weeks is optimistic at best.

In the meantime, those looking for ways to spend the money in their Dapper accounts might want to take a second look at the Seeing Stars set. Minted to 10,000 each, some of these moments – featuring 2021 NBA All Stars – took a huge dive in price after the completion of a Kevin Durant challenge that required owning the moments from each member of his All-Star team.

But it’s quite possible that these moments have dropped too much, with several under $100 and some even drifting below $50. While prices were inflated by those hoarding moments to complete the challenge, these items are limited in number. And if NBA Top Shot truly goes mainstream and remains popular for years to come, a mint run of 10,000 might seem microscopic someday in the future.


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