Anisul: Investigative Committee to Identify the Mastermind of the Bangabandhu Assassination

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Ziaur Rahman’s involvement in the murder was real during the day. He said
Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq said on Thursday that the government will establish an investigative committee to identify the perpetrators of the murder of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur. , the father of the nation and most of his family.
“From the trial evidence and the discussion about the barbarian murder, it is clear that in addition to the murderers, more people were involved in the murder,” said the minister.
Minister speaks with journalists at his residence in Gulshan.
The Minister of Justice said: “There is a conspiracy. We must identify those conspirators and lift the veil on the country. We have already had discussions with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina about the procedures for determining the planner and decided to establish a committee.
“But before we established the committee, the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Once the pandemic is gone, the people of the country will be able to understand the framework, the work, and the potential committee members,” Anisul said.

The minister also said that the murder involved in Ziaur Rahman was real.
“May God bless you, we will provide all the evidence to prove Ziaur Rahman’s involvement in the crime before the committee, which will be set up to identify the perpetrators behind the murder,” he said.
Anisul said that the current government is determined to bring all the fugitives to justice in the Bangabandhu murder trial.

As long as a fugitive is wandering outside, we will continue to work hard to bring them back. The process is in progress and bring them back. If I reveal more information about this, the process will be hampered. But I can say You, the government has not given up. on this, ”he added.

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